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A little hello from me... And a partial ADMIN update...

Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in, say hi, and explain myself. I know a lot of people check her to see my lack of updating... *ducks*

I'm really sorry that it's been a while since a new chapter of CC has been put up. I have a couple pages written, but I haven't had time to finish it. My computer has recently decided to die, and my dog is sick. I got my first flame a little while ago too, which propelled me to suckdom.

But my computer is going to hopefully be fixed on Sunday and I'm going to really try to write more then. I hope, if everything goes to plan, there will be a new update by Thursday at the latest. *Prays to her gods*

Anyway, from an ADMIN standpoint, I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS COMMUNITY! It's doing really well, don't cha think? And although there has not been any drabble entries besides my own, I'll still continue it. Really! I'm going to post a topic every one two weeks or so, whether anyone contributes or not. Just to amuse my whims...

So, the lastest 'challenge' is COMPUTERS. Maybe I'll come up with something for it.

Thanks to all the newbies that joined, and the older members as well, you guys rock!
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