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Title: Collide
Author: idyllictorture (Pia)
Genre: Drama/Angst (for now)
Chapter: 5
Rating: PGish (some mild cursing)
Spoilers: It takes place during the events of volume 8 (chapter 34).
Summary: So what happens to Shinogu after he's left behind at the Tachibana's...
Disclaimer: No Hot Gimmick doesn't belong to me. Miki Aihara, Viz, and Betsucomi are who they belong to.

The story so far... - parts 1-4 if you're interested. :D

I’ve never seen Hatsumi do anything like that before. He was shocked, but also warmed and touched at the display.

I wonder if anyone else has ever been as torn…as I am now.

Shingou’s mind sharply turned to the chaos around him. Mrs. Tachibana almost seemed like she was about to pass out as she sank back into her chair.

“Madam!” He heard the maid cry out.

What the hell do I do? Shinogu thought. How do I get out of this situation? I can’t even remember how I got into it in the first place.

“Auntie Natsue, if it’s going to be like this, I can’t continue,” Ruri cried. Her cheeks were flushed with embarrassment and anger.

Mrs. Tachibana has a first name. Shinogu wasn’t sure why he found that funny but he did. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or groan, but he did neither. And as usual, remained silent and started off into space.

“No, of course not,” Mrs. Tachibana answered. “But I certainly don’t intend to leave it at this.”

Never had a promise sounded so much like a threat to Shinogu.

Please don’t do anything more to our family, especially to Hatsumi. I’m not sure how much more of your abuse we can take. I didn’t even know it was possible to feel so helpless and angry at the same time.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t even realize that Mrs. Tachibana had been escorted out of the room by Mariko. When he did, his load felt lighter.

Well, now I have a free couple of hours.

Shinogu had been starting to fall behind in his classes, which was a first for him. It made him a little nervous. It was the one thing he always had control over. But now it felt like everything was starting to slip out of his grasp.

He was about to leave when he noticed Ruri was sitting on a chair staring straight ahead at a wall. Her cheeks weren’t red any longer. In fact her face was drained of any color all together.

I hope she’s OK…, Shinogu thought. He had been so preoccupied that he also hadn’t noticed Ruri was also in the room. He had almost forgotten about her completely.

Shit, I told Mrs. Tachibana I’d tutor her. Well, it’s not like she needs it. But still, it’s the principle.

Shinogu walked over to where she was sitting. Each step was torture, and he wanted to run out the door each time he took a new one.

“Um, excuse me? Miss?” Shinogu couldn’t remember her name.

His voice felt like it was coming from far away, through a fog. Ruri shook her head, as if the physical actions could clear away her shock.

She looked up at Shinogu. She couldn’t remember his name either, or why he was there, and didn’t really want to talk to him.

“Yes,” she answered. What the hell does he want?

“I told, um, Mrs. Tachibana that I’d tutor you. I’m still…here if you’d like some help.” Shinogu offered.

Ruri silently seethed. It was bad enough that Ryoki had rejected her, now this.

Isn’t it obvious that I don’t need your help? And if you’re so smart and such a great tutor, why is your sister at Bakazono High School? Many not so mature remarks were going through Ruri’s head, but she couldn’t find the energy to say them.

“Thank you, but no,” Ruri answered coldly.

I know I should say goodbye to Aunt Natsue, but I don’t care right now. After what happened, she should be apologizing to me anyways. Ruri smoothed her uniform and got up to leave. Except for that Shinogu was standing in the space between the two chairs and was blocking her way.

Move you dolt! She thought.

“Excuse me, please,” Ruri said firmly.

“Oh! I’m sorry, excuse me,” Shinogu answered. He moved out of the way.

Yeah, your home planet is calling, Ruri thought.

She walked past him, as fast as she could without running. Shinogu heard the door slam behind him, hard.

“I’m so sorry about all the commotion,” Mariko seemed to come out of nowhere.

Damn, these servants are almost like ninjas, Shinogu thought.

“I was about to come out to tend to Miss Saionji right before she left,” she continued, apologetically.

You've really got your work cut out for you, Shinogu thought.

“It’s all right,” Shinogu answered. “I should be leaving myself.”

“No, please stay,” Mariko said. “Please at least have something to eat. You went through all this trouble.”

“Thank you, but no. Have a good evening,” Shinogu was actually hungry, but he didn’t feel like spending another moment in the penthouse. I’ll grab something at work tonight.

Please God, I don’t think I need anymore “excitement” today.

A/N: This is where it really shifts into "fiction", basically I'm going to be following Shinogu and Ruri, and their side of things. :D Think of it as "deleted scenes" from Hot Gimmick (except not as good).
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