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Collide, Part 6

Title: Collide
Author: idyllictorture (Pia)
Rating: PG (some cursing)
Characters: Shinogu, Ruri
Summary: What happens to Shinogu and Ruri, after Hatsumi declares herself as Ryoki's girlfriend?
Spoliers: Takes place during the events of Volume 8.
Disclaimer: As usual, Hot Gimmick doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Miki Aihara, Viz, and Betsucomi.

The story so far (the chapters are very short, usually a page or so):
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Shinogu let himself out as Mariko opened the door. He was surprised to find Ruri waiting out there for the elevator. As he walked up to her, the elevator doors opened, and they both entered.

I can’t wait to get out of this building. This whole damn complex… Shinogu’s thoughts were racing through his head. His mouth went dry when he realized that he meant forever, and not just for that day.

Why is the elevator taking so damn long, Shinogu was getting impatient.

“The elevators have been running a little slow lately,” Shinogu said. He immediately regretted opening his mouth.

Why did I say that? It’s kind of obvious, he thought.

Thank you, Captain Obvious, Ruri thought.

“Yes, I can see that,” she answered instead.

The wait to get downstairs was agonizing for both of them. And they practically flew out the doors when the elevator finally hit the first floor. They raced out of the building and headed in different directions.

Well, what do I do know? Ruri wondered. I suppose I’ll call the driver to take me back.

The driver had been instructed to arrive four hours after he’d dropped Ruri off. Ruri looked at her watch. It had only been thirty minutes.

He probably just left. And if I call him now, it’ll look suspicious. Mother will have so many questions…

Ruri gritted her teeth. She was left with nothing to do, and nowhere to go.

I’ll just kill time somewhere.

Meanwhile, Shinogu was heading in another direction, praying he wouldn’t run into anyone he knew. It was never a problem before. His father was “rank and file”, and of no real importance. His good looks attracted just girls (and as he got older, their mothers too), but he always thought they were just being friendly. And most of them eventually gave up on the pleasant but distant boy. But ever since Azusa came back, he had the burden of “Azusa’s friend”, which led to him being chased by Azusa fangirls. And “Tachibana tutor” made things even worse. Everyone said hi, and stopped to talk to him, as if somehow it would keep them in Mrs. Tachibana’s good graces, and advance careers.

It made Shinogu a tad bitter. They have no clue that I’m just a pawn, in a game that’s much bigger than me.

He never admitted as much to himself, but the fact that his own accomplishments were being eclipsed by the people around him, was bringing him down. It was as if he were becoming more and more superfluous by the second. Especially to Hatsumi...

One day, I’ll just disappear. I’m just a bunch of atoms, and one day…they’ll just…separate and I’ll disperse into the air…

“Shinogu!” He heard a voice cry out behind him.

That fucking Azusa. He has the worst timing.
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