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Author:Bizzi_izzy(aka the Queen of hearts)
Rating:um PG?
Characters:Hatsumi, Azusa, Ryoki
Summary: Azusa and Hatsumi conamplate there feelings.

Hatsumi was crying on the steps of the complex.
“Why did Ryoki have to be so mean?” She thought to herself.
Ryoki had broken up with her, he always had the dumbest excuses why he couldn’t be with her. This tim it was because she was hanging out with Azusa, trying to figure out his mother’s situation. All of a sudden she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Hatsumi turned to see Azusa bending over at her, smiling.
“Hiya Hatsumi,” He said cheerfully. “What’s with the long face?”
She looked at him in a daze. She felt lost and confused. Azusa treated her well, said nice things to her, and even bought her nice gifts. Ryoki would have died before he said something nice about her. She was upset and enraged from Ryoki’s stubbornness.
“It’s nothing you need to worry about Azusa-kun.” She said waving the subject away with her hands.
Azusa gave her a questionable look and shook his head.
“I’m not gonna buy that Hatsumi, so you better just tell me what’s going on before I go investigate.”
She thought about that for a second. Would Azusa really go and investigate just to find out what was on her mind. It only took her a few seconds until the answer. Of course Azusa would do that, he’s just that insane. Hatsumi nodded.
“Ryoki and I had another fight.” Hatsumi admitted.
Azusa let out a long sigh. He was really tired of the whole Hatsumi and Ryoki thing. He couldn’t stand Ryoki and he knew Hatsumi could do better. Azusa was still waiting for this little relation-ship to sink into the ocean of failure.
“Hatsumi, you know you and Ryoki don’t make a good couple. No matter how many times you guys try, it won’t work.”
“You always say that and then Ryoki and I always work it out. Why can’t you just accept this?” Hatsumi said aggravated.
“Because you’ll see sooner or later, how silly this is.”
Azusa winked and took Hatsumi’s face in his hands and kissed her. Azusa couldn’t stand Ryoki. He was rich, he was smart, and he took Hatsumi from him. Okay so hi did blow it with Hatsumi but he wasn’t going to give her up again. All the sudden they heard footsteps from up the stairs. Hatsumi pushed Azusa off of her. They looked up the stairs to see Ryoki standing there awestruck. Hatsumi could feel herself shaking all over. She looked up to see Azusa smiling. Ryoki glared at the two of them enraged. Azusa grabbed Hatsumi’s hand, winked up at Ryoki, and led Hatsumi down the hallway. Hatsumi followed still dazed by Azusa’s sudden kiss and Ryoki’s sudden appearance.
Hatsumi stopped quickly and Azusa looked at her.
“Come with me Hatsumi, run away with me.” Azusa said, seriously.
Hatsumi stared at him astonished. “W-where?” she stammered.
“Anywhere Hatsumi. Does it really matter.”
She pondered this for a moment. Could she really do this, ran away with Azusa, did she even have feelings for him anymore. She knew that answer perfectly well. He was her first love, he still was, and of course she still had feelings for him. She nodded.
“It doesn’t matter.” She said as she followed Azusa out of the complex.
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