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Hot Gimmick Fanfiction Community

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Hot Gimmick Fanfiction
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Welcome to the Hot Gimmick Fanfiction Community on Livejournal. This is the place to share any and all fanfiction, drabbles, artwork, icons, and poems you have written for the manga by Miki Aihara. All genres, ratings, and pairings are welcome.


As do most communities, we have our own little set of rules. Please follow them, as there are here for a reason.

1.) Absolutely, NO spamming. We understand that newbies may not be clear on the concept, so here is a brief description: Posting in the community with any kind of trivial post, such as a one liner, quiz results, topics that have nothing to do with the comm. Itself, etc. OR frequent posting. There is no need to post five times a day.

2.) Respect is a necessary requirement. You must treat all members decently. Any ‘policing’ will be taken care of by the maintainers or moderators. For instance, if someone is spamming, please do not say anything to them in the comments. Do NOT start fights. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with.

3.) The fanfiction format that can be found below the rules must be used on ALL entries. In the past some people (such as myself, shame!) have not followed this to a tee, but that has to change. This is important because people need to see the rating of a fic before they read them. Mature content is allowed! This format is not needed for artwork and icons, etc. Just make sure you mention if they are any spoilers, or mature content.

4.) Please put all entries, whatever medium they may be, behind a lj-cut. If you are posting icons, you are allowed to preview 3 appropriate, non-spoiler, sample. If you are unsure of how to use an lj-cut, please see this. Cuts

5.) Please make sure to see if your piece of work contains any major spoilers. If it does, just make sure to mention it in the summary section of the fanfiction format. Please follow this! We do not want to ‘spoil’ any of the manga for anyone.

6.) Criticism for work is a tricky subject, so here is how we do it. You can always offer advice to people after viewing their work, but you need to do it in a respectful way. Flaming is NOT allowed here. ‘Flaming’ is when you blatantly disrespect fanfiction, artwork, etc. An example would be calling someone’s fanfiction ‘the suckiest thing I’ve ever read in my life.’ If anyone is caught doing this consequences will arise.

7.) DO NOT plagiarize. I know this seems dumb to mention, but you wouldn’t believe some people.

8.) So the last rule is to FOLLOW all the rules above. I know it may seem like a lot, but most of it is common sense.

If you have any questions, please e-mail hexespyro@yahoo.com Rules are cross-posted to hg_challenge100

Fanfiction Format



If you are a member of this community, please put the banner(s) in your user info. We want to advertise the community as much as possible. There is also a banner for duel members, if you are a part of hg_challenge100


The sister community to hg_fanfiction is hg_challenge100 It is a 100 theme challenge community. This community is primarily for fanfiction, drabbles, or any other form of writting. All entries must relate to the 100 themes. One entry per theme. Please have a look!

Hot Gimmick Fanfiction can be found here:

If you find any other locations, please let us know.

If you would like to be an affiliate e-mail hexespyro@yahoo.com or comment on any ADMIN post.

Volumes 1-10 of 12 of Hot Gimmick are currently available in the U.S. Please support manga and the author and go buy them!

Thanks, hg_fanfiction

This community has been re-vamped as of 12/23/05