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Collide, Part 4

Here's the fourth part of my Shinogu centric fic. Ironically, I have more time to write right now...right when everyone else probably has less time to read. Anyways, thanks ahead of time, to anyone who does find the time. :D

Title: Collide
Author: idyllictorture (Pia)
Genre: Drama/Angst (for now)
Chapter 4
Summary: Chapter 34 (Volume 8)from Shinogu's point of view

The first 3 chapters if you haven't read them yet (and want to):

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Shit, Shinogu thought. In all the commotion, he’d almost forgotten about Ryoki.

Ryoki stood at the door, dumbfounded at the assortment of people in his home.

“Oh, here you are darling. You remember Miss Saionji, of course? Ruri-san…You Met her at last year’s Chirstmas party.”

“Hello!” Ruri said.

“Hi,” Ryoki said unenthusiastically. “I have my tutoring session today. In a few minutes. Why are the Naritas here at our…”

“I thought you could do it here today,” Mrs. Tachibana answered. “Ruri-san came all this way to see you. So why don’t you have Shinogu-san tutor you together? You don’t mind, do you Shinogu-san?”

Don’t drag me into this mess, Shinogu thought. He was too busy watching Hatsumi.

She’s heartbroken...This can’t end well…

“It would work out quite well, I think, since the two of you are studying at the same level. Don’t you agree, Ryoki dear?”

After this, I don’t think I ever want to hear Mrs. Tachibana’s voice ever again, Shinogu thought.

Hatsumi…you don’t belong here…I don’t belong here…we don’t belong here…Let’s go…

But the words wouldn’t come out. Shinogu’s tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth. The room seemed to spin around him. All he could see was Hatsumi…

“I don’t mind…” Ryoki answered.

What the hell? Shinogu thought. What’s wrong with him?

“-If Hatsumi says it’s all right with her.” Ryoki continued.

Shinogu turned around and looked at him, shocked. What’s the matter with him? Of course Hatsumi is going to say it’s okay. And it’s not…he knows that.

He looked over at Hatsumi. Her face was blank, almost unreadable.

“Oh really, what are you saying darling? The one you should be asking is Shinogu-san. Hatsumi-san has absolutely nothing to do with it,” Mrs. Tachibana responded.

Ryoki ignored her. “Well, Hatsumi?”

“Hatsumi-san” Mrs. Tachibana said sharply. “You don’t mind do you?”

Hatsumi just sat there, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

“She doesn’t seem to mind. So let’s study together then. Shall we?” Ruri asked.

Wait, Shinogu thought. You haven’t even given her a chance to answer. I’ll just refuse to tutor them then. To hell with this complex. Dad can find another job, can’t he?

“I really look forward to-“ Ruri continued.

“I-I do mind. I don’t want you to…It isn’t all right with me.” Hatsumi spoke up.

Hatsumi…what are you doing? Shinogu wanted to agree with her, defend her, but he was just helpless to do anything.

“Wha- Excuse me? What did you say? What have you got to do with this?” Ruri was the first to say something.

“Why? Why do you mind?” Ryoki asked. He like everyone else was looking at Hatsumi intently, waiting for an explanation.

What the hell? You know she minds, that should be enough. Shinogu was irritated with Ryoki for not defending Hatsumi. And himself even more for not being able to do it.

“Because I might not be compatible, or a perfect match…But I am your girlfriend. And I really don’t want you to…” Hatsumi answered.

“Good!” Ryoki answered. He handed his mother some papers.

Shinogu closed his eyes and looked at the ground. This was not how he expected this situation to end.

It’s good, he told himself. It’s a good thing. His feelings were a jumbled mixture of heartbreak and pride.

“If you ever humiliate Hatsumi again while I’m not around…I will seriously lose my temper.” Ryoki said. He grabbed Hatsumi and the door slammed behind them. The sound echoed throughout the room and made Shinogu's heart skip a beat.

They’re really in love. The night in Izu, I could say it was just sex…That Ryoki forced her into it somehow…The burglary…anyone would help out in a situation like that. But this is real…they stood up to Mrs. Tachibana…both of them together.

It’s real…

Shinogu’s face flushed as he stared at his feet.
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